We are publishing a cookbook! This is a Call for Entries!

Please join us in creating a fun and inspiring community cookbook featuring your favorite plant-based recipes. Family favorites as well as new discoveries are welcome.

Short poetry, black & white photographs and artwork are also welcome (see guidelines below).

Entries must be received no later than August 15th, 2016.
Send your recipes by email to .

The cookbook will be available for purchase and gift-giving for the upcoming 2016 holidays. Anticipated price is $10.00 each. They will be about 5”x8”, with a sturdy cover, and spiral binding, so the book will lie flat.

Recipes submitted need to be plant-based/vegan. You may send us up to 5 recipes, 3 poems, and 2 digital files of photographs or artwork. Family favorites as well as new discoveries are welcome.

Consider categorizing your recipe(s) as Appetizer, Beverage, Soup or Stew, Salad, Sauce, Main Dish, Dessert, Potluck, Camping Specialty, This and That. Brief preambles to your recipes might be interesting for everyone to read.

OK the boring part: Rules.

  • Entries must be received no later than August 15th, 2016.
  • Up to 5 recipes, 3 poems, 2 black & white photographs, and 2 artworks per person may be submitted. (In an effort to contain costs the cookbook will be printed in black and white only.)
  • Print your name clearly, as it will be included in the cookbook, so help us get it right!
  • Include how the editors can reach you, by email or phone, in case we have questions.
  • Type your recipes (or poems) clearly so that they can be read by the editors.
  • Please be specific about amounts of ingredients used.
  • Give us clear instructions on how to prepare your dish, including oven temperatures and approximate serving size.

Recipe Submission: Send your recipes by email to . Please use the word “Recipes” in the subject line to help us recognize your email as cookbook bound. You may also mail recipes to BRON Attention COOKBOOK, PO Box 2209, Boulder, CO, 80305.

Photographs and Artwork Submission: Send your black and white photos and artwork by email to . Some artwork and photographs may not reproduce well, and it will be up to the editors to decide whether or not to print.

Looking forward to your wonderful contributions,
Dale Ball, your BRON Cookbook Editor.